Meet Me In Paris

Has nice ring to it, right?

"Pleasant time in paris" by Hugo Bernard under Creative Commons License:

“Pleasant time in paris” by Hugo Bernard under Creative Commons License:

What is it about Paris? I’m late to the party, having missed the age to hang the Eiffel Tower on my walls and charm bracelets. Until recently, I’d been able to resist what seems to be an overwhelming desire to visit the what has been portrayed as the world’s most romantic city. Not now.

What changed? For starters, I discovered a passion for learning languages. After what I considered a nightmarish experience with Spanish in high school, I came to college dreading the language requirement. Hoping to find a familial connection to my ancestors, I chose Italian. Out of my comfort zone, I loathed it. For the first two semesters I felt physically ill before class. I had a running countdown until my time was up.

By the end of the month, I’ll have an Italian degree.

Italy and its language consumed me for much of my time at school, and I look forward to many trips back. I have not yet conquered the mountain – total fluency is still a ways off. I will be honing my skills for the rest of my life, but now I’m ready for another challenge. French is it.

As if my linguistic pursuits weren’t enough, I accidentally (OK, not exactly) read more than one book set in Paris in a very small period of time. Now here we are.

I don’t know what it is about Paris. I can’t wait to find out. Hopefully in French, hopefully soon. Meet me there?

P.S. – Any Parisians need an au pair?

Choose Happiness

We, as humans, do not allow ourselves to enjoy life as much as we should. The thoughts of other people should never prevent you from doing something. Too often we find ourselves second guessing ourselves due to fear of judgement. We need to let our inhibitions go and be who we want to be.The worst thing that could happen is that you get laughed at. People will often judge because they are not comfortable with themselves but don’t let that affect you and your choices. Go ahead. Allow yourself to do the things you enjoy. Let happiness into your life.


Get Up and Dance!

Growing up I was always involved in some type of dance: ballet, cheer leading, and even tap dance. Now that I am much older, I have grown an interest in exploring new types of dance and Dancing With The Stars has provided me with inspiration. So keep reading as I share with you fun and interesting dances that you might enjoy as well!

1. Salsa
I for one love the rhythm and beat of Latin music. It is so easy to move along to the music. In the salsa dance, you learn proper form and how to move your hips to the beat. Plus, the outfits are so colorful and fun!


2. Jive
The jive is more of an upbeat and fast-paced dance with a jazz-inspired music selection. This is my personal favorite to watch on Dancing With The Stars because the dancers always look energized and excited!


3. Waltz
The Waltz is a more of structured dance with strict form and tight moves. It is not as fast-paced as the other two I mentioned. I associate this dance as being classy and elegant.

If you enjoyed watching the stars show off their moves, come out to the HUB tomorrow at 12:30pm and show us your best moves!

Owning Your Adventure

The first time I traveled, really traveled, I went by the book. I poured over my degree audits and coursework. I applied and interviewed for a spot studying abroad in Southern Italy. I devoted myself to Italian language courses, hoping to be as prepared as possible.

I’m grateful for those six weeks. I wouldn’t change them. I was exposed for the first time to the culture I studied in a program that kept my education in mind. I met warm, lovely people who wanted nothing but to ensure that I learned. I ate gelato every day. I spent each afternoon on the beach with new friends and slept like a rock every night, exhausted in the best way. In a city known for its edge, not its tourism, I was able to speak and gain proficiency in a gorgeous, storied language.

I’m ready for more.


I’ve always been a planner. Pragmatic to a fault, I often find it difficult to let go, afraid to fail. Entering young adulthood, however, has forced me to take ownership of myself. I have an independent streak, passions I hadn’t realized. I am thoughtful. Enthusiastic. Bold.

Italy was an adventure, but I can do more. I can push myself to be better; to risk. I can go back without the itinerary. I can sleep on that friend’s couch in Rome. Spend a few weeks with the family I’ve never met. Take the train to Paris. Stay. Go. Jump.

What would you do past the fear?


Rallypeople Pumpkin Painting!

Today, Rallypeople will host a Pumpkin painting event in front of Old Main at 6:00 PM. It is free and fun!!

Gather your friends in celebrating the Fall season with us!

Come have some fun after the game! It will be a great time for some family fun.

Successful Sunset Yoga in Arboretum!

Last Monday, Rallypeople gathered bunch of Yoga enthusiasts in Arboretum. We laid down on the grass, listened to the wind and synchronized ourselves with the nature! Check out the awesome video and photos!


Feel free to join us for the future events!

Dream Bigger! Travel Along With The Festivals!

I always dreamed of traveling the whole world, but in an interesting way. Instead of picking a country to travel to, I want to pick cities by the festivals. For example, the Holi festival in India and the Carnival of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. I wish I can be in one city in the morning and show up in another city for the next day. So let me show you the interesting place that I want to visit!


La Tomatina, Buñol, Spain

This festival is the only one on earth that celebrates and shares happiness by throwing food to each other. On the last Wednesday in August for every year, Buñol will become a city full with tomatoes! People will squeeze the tomatoes and fight against each other with smiling faces. One of my friends says it is like letting body enjoy the food. Like the flag of Spain, this little city will shine of scarlet.


Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta, New Mexico

This year from October 02 to October 14, the biggest balloon festival will take place in a city called Albuquerque. There will be more than 200 hot air balloon floating in the air simultaneously! The scale is way bigger than the hot air ballooning in Cappadocia, Turkey. No one can say no to such a great view!


Loi Krathong Festival, Chiang Mai, Thailand

What can be more exciting than seeing tons of hot air balloon in the sky? The Loi Krathong Festival in Chiang Mai Thailand. It is a festival where people release thousands of lanterns during the night. Imagine a unbelievable amount of fireflies flying around you in a hot summer night. The Loi Krathong Festival is basically the same feeling, but in a bigger scale – the entire night sky. Bring your date with you there, romance can never be more astonishing than this.

Life is short. Too many awesome events out there waiting for us. We should be embracing our lives and strive to experience the real beauty of the world. No matter where you are, you will always find someone who is as brave as you. Just listen to your heart and check out the coolest corners in the world.


Adventure List #1: Cross-Country Road Trip

A few years back, I watched the movie, Elizabethtown. This movie revolved around a twenty-something year old man trying to rebuild his life. Along his journey, he meets a girl who makes a custom cross-country road trip map that includes special instructions for each phase of the trip. Below is an image from the movie that shows one of the many pages in the map she made.

Photo Credit:

When I saw the map she made, I was inspired to one day embark on my own cross-country journey to discover new sites and experience new places. I began to think about all of the stops I would want to make along the way. I have come up with three places that I definitely have to stop at and I am going to share them with you.

Destination 1: Wedding Cake House, Kennebunkport, Maine

Photo Credit:

The Wedding Cake House was said to have been built by a ship builder in the 1800’s for his wife because he could not afford a honeymoon. It was said that he worked by himself to construct the house to look like a wedding cake to show his love for his bride. The reality is that the house was reconstructed by George Bourne, a ship builder in 1825. He rebuilt the house after the original structure was burned down in a fire. Even though the house was not built for his bride, it is a touching story. I have been wanting to visit this house for years.

Destination 2: West Side Market, Cleveland, Ohio

Photo Credit:

The West Side Market is a super-sized public market where you can buy food, flowers, and gifts. It was built in 1912 and has been an open and successful place for locals and visitors to shop. The city of Cleveland has used this market to provide an outlet for people to mix and experience a blend of cultures. I think food is a great way to experience a culture or a city and this market would be such a great place to walk around and look at all it has to offer.

Destination 3: Liard River Hot Springs, Alaska Highway, Northern British Columbia


Liard Hotsprings sign“. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

Being a citizen of the Northeast U.S., I have not had much opportunity to venture out West. Alaska is known for having a vast selection of outdoor activities for visitors to enjoy. The Liard River Hot Springs caught my attention because I have never seen or been to a hot spring before. It is known for its exceptionally blue water and wildlife. I look forward to one day being able to relax in that water and enjoy the peaceful surroundings.

I hope to one day fulfill my dream of driving cross-country with a giant personalized map as cool as the one in the movie. Until then, I will keep adding destinations to my list. Where would you want to go on your cross-country road trip? Let me know the places that have caught your eye and I might just add them to my own list!

By: Caitlin Flemming

The Incredible Mr. Myers

As part of our ‘Get Active’ Campaign in State College we’re rolling out some cool posters for our events on rallypeople. It was designed in such a way as to embody the spirit of rallypeople which is young, adventurous and cool (Of course we’re cool!).

For example, Mr. Myers here is an accountant by day who has a hobby for pottery and loves playing snooker. He’s using Rallypeople to meet people and have fun and so can you too! Ge-get active!

Mr. Myers event poster

The incredible Mr. Myers event poster